Front Splitter Audi A1 8X – Gloss black



fits: Audi A1 8X 2010-2013


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Among the leading-edge providers of high-end visual tuning components, there is the Polish producer Maxton Design. The company has been active for multiple years now and is specialized in the design and distribution of advanced bumpers, splitters, spoilers, and side skirts. In our rich line-up, there are also parts for many Audi models. One of such models is the striking Audi A1 8X. The front splitter for Audi A1 8X is a great solution for quick and functional vehicle tuning.

Why should you pick the Audi A1 8X front splitter by Maxton Design?

– it’s produced of great-quality ABS
– sports a modernized shape
– has a number of surface finish variation
– improves the aesthetics of the car
– noticeably enhances aerodynamics

This front splitter dedicated to Audi A1 8X is an immaculately designed tuning part. With it, you will swiftly and with little effort perform some showy visual tuning to make yourself even more comfortable in your car. Thanks to the splitter the pressure exerted on the front axle will increase, causing a boost to traction and stability an effect felt chiefly during high-speed driving. It comes in 3 surface look effects: textured, carbon, or gloss. Each of them is very presentable and will leave all enthusiasts of modern and aesthetic tuning in awe.

The Audi A1 8X front splitter is manufactured from ABS. The material is commonly employed in the automotive industry due to its features. These are durability, damage resistance, and elasticity. They are crucially important in the production of elements for visual tuning and overall vehicle equipment. The ABS used by Maxton Design has been TUV certified ? a guarantee of premium quality and safety of use.


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