Central Rear Splitter Audi A4 B8 Avant – Carbon look

Код: AU-A4-B8-AV-RD1C Категория:


fits: Audi A4 B8 Avant 2007-2011



In the abundant line-up of Maxton Design there is a wide array of cutting-edge bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, ad splitters. To perform some unique tuning on your Audi A4 B8 Avant you might need a neat central rear splitter. It will fit tuning composed of a front splitter or side skirts. These and many other components included in the assortment of this Polish producer are certainly worth taking a look at by every tuning fan.

Why is purchasing the central rear splitter for Audi A4 B8 Avant worth it?

– fit all models of this vehicle
– it?s made of durable ABS
– you can get a white or red decorative tape for your splitter
– comes in 3 varieties of surface finish
– it?s easy to mount by yourself

Maxton Design is known and respected a producer of high-end visual tuning parts. To make our vehicle components we utilize the best materials such as ABS and fiberglass. In the manufacturing of the Audi A4 B8 Avant central rear splitter the mentioned ABS plastic was employed. It stands apart with high sturdiness, elasticity, and damage-resistance. These properties make it an exceptional material for advanced tuning and basic car equipment.

The installation of this central rear splitter for Audi A4 B8 Avant will result in a number of benefits. One of them is undoubtedly the improvement of the aerodynamics. The air going trough the splitter will cause the pressure on the rear axle to be higher which in turn improves stability and traction, especially at high speeds. Thanks to the splitter your Audi A4 B8 Avant will get a refreshed racing appearance. Such an eye-pleasing aesthetic will surely get the attention of any fan of high-flair reversible tuning elements.


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