CENTRAL REAR SPLITTER Audi A4 B9 S-Line – Textured

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fits: Audi A4 B9 S-Line Avant 2015



In the robust line of Maxton Design goods, the range of modern bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, and splitters is exceptionally broad. To create some impressive tuning for your Audi A4 B9 S-Line you might need a showy central rear splitter. Such a component will be a fitting addition to tuning performed with a front splitter or side skirts. These and many other products available in the assortment of this Polish manufacturer are no doubt worth the attention of any sports car enthusiast.

Why is it worth it to get the Audi A4 B9 S-Line central rear splitter?

– fits all versions of this model
– it’s made of durable ABS
– can come with a white or red decorative stripe
– it’s available in 3 varied surface looks
– it’s simple to install by yourself

Maxton Design is a known and well-regarded producer of premium-flair optical tuning parts. To create our items we utilize only the best materials such as ABS or fiberglass. In the production of this central rear splitter for Audi A4 B9 S-Line, we applied the mentioned ABS plastic. It is a material of stand-out sturdiness, elasticity, and durability. These properties are why it is perfect for manufacturing innovative tuning components and staple vehicle outfitting, as well.

The mounting of the Audi A4 B9 S-Line central rear splitter brings you several benefits. One of which is a notable improvement in the car?s aerodynamics. The air passing through the splitter will cause increased pressure on the rear axle and will boost stability and traction, especially during driving at higher speeds. Thanks to the splitter your Audi A4 B9 S-Line will gain an interesting racing appearance. Such an eye-pleasing aesthetic will certainly catch the attention of all those who are into reversible visual tuning elements of high quality.


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