Central rear splitter Audi RS6 C8 Textured

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fits: Audi RS6 C8 2019 –

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If you have been searching for a high-grade central rear splitter, the line of Maxton Design goods is exactly where you should be looking. The company is among the strongest competitors on the market and manufactures products with numerous different car brands in mind. The producer focuses on the making of interesting splitters, side skirts, bumpers, spoilers, and diffusers. In the production of the mentioned elements only certified materials are employed and they are supplied by renown providers. For the owners of Audi RS6 C8 we have prepared this innovative and aesthetic central rear splitters. The element requires no additional painting and shows a beautiful design.

Why should you decide to get the Audi RS6 C8 central rear splitter?
– it?s resistant to moisture
– it?s UV-protected
– comes in a range of surface looks
– it refreshes the visuals of the vehicle

To create this central rear splitter for Audi RS6 C8 flexible and sturdy ABS plastic is applied. The material has received the TUV certificate and it is used extremely often in the automotive industry. The material does not succumb to the harmful influence of moisture and extreme temperatures. It is also not susceptible to chemical and mechanical damage. Hence why ABS is so suitable in the production of essential vehicle outfitting and optical tuning parts, too. This Maxton Design central rear splitter is coated with a special layer for UV protection and has been granted the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification.

The Audi RS6 C8 central rear splitter sports an inventive form and will constitute a stand-out addition to your car. It will lower the bodywork and bring the racing character of the vehicle forth. It will look striking paired with matching side skirts and a front splitter. Together the will create a uniform composition that draws the attention of all the tuning lovers. The splitters comes in carbon, gloss, or textured surface structures.


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