CENTRAL REAR SPLITTER Audi TT S Mk2 (8J) – Gloss black

Код: AU-TT-2-S-RD1G Категория:


fits: Audi TT S 8J 2008-2013



If you are an owner of an Audi TT S 8J and you wish to equip your vehicle with showy optical tuning components, the Maxton Design line-up is aimed right at you. Here you can find many attention-worthy spoilers, splitters, side skirts, ad bumpers. These elements fit cars of several brands and thanks to this broad selection Maxton Design has secured its position among the best and most competitive producers of visual tuning elements on the world’s market. Especially for Audi TT S 8J among other components, this innovative central rear splitter was designed.

Why is it worth it to buy the Audi TT S 8J central rear splitter?

– it’s made of durable ABS
– it sports an interesting design
– doesn’t have to be painted
– comes in a range of surface finishes

To manufacture this central rear splitter for Audi TT S 8J high-quality ABS was used. From this material, many basic vehicle equipment parts are made. ABS is strong, flexible, and resistant to moisture and extreme temperatures. It has earned the TUV certificate which means that this central rear splitter is a high-grade optical tuning component that will refresh the appearance of your car.

The Audi TT S 8J central rear splitter falls into the group of visual tuning parts that enhance the looks of the vehicle. Its design is simple yet slick and it complements side skirts and front splitter in a neat way. The product has carbon, textured, or gloss surface finishes available. Thanks to this selection you can perform tuning to underline the style of your Audi TT S 8J best. Each of these options looks great as is so that you do not have to paint the splitter before installation.


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