Eyebrows Audi TT 8N < R8 Look > Fit For R8 Look Bumper

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fits: Audi TT 8N (R8 Look Bumper) 1998-2006



Maxton Design is a known and respectable manufacturer of great-quality reversible optical tuning elements. In the brand’s line of goods, there are original spoilers, splitters, side skirts, bumpers, and smaller neat accessories. All of these items are made of materials of utmost flair and with quality certificates. One of the models that the components for can be found in the Maxton Design store is the Audi TT 8N R8 Look. Dedicated to this model especially are these cutting-edge standard bumper eyebrows. They serve a typically visual function and accent the character of your car in an interesting way.

Why is it worth it to purchase the Audi TT 8N R8 Look standard bumper eyebrows?

– they’re made of fiberglass
– they’re TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified

To manufacture these showy eyebrows for Audi TT 8N R8 Look fiberglass was used. The material fits well for the production of not only optical tuning elements, but other car equipment, too. It is flexible, tough, and resilient to the damaging effect of atmospheric conditions. The fiberglass employed by Maxton Design has been TUV certified as a confirmation of its great quality. Deciding to choose our Audi TT 8N R8 Look standard bumper eyebrows you can rest assured that they will last you a long time.

The installation of these standard bumper eyebrows for the Audi TT 8N R8 Look is a quick way to refresh the looks of your car and uniquely underline its character. Their size has been optimized not to obstruct the lights. They stand out with their modernized shape and they are compatible with other tuning elements.

If you have been searching for original and rare optical tuning elements, you can count on the Maxton Design offer. Here you can find anything you might need to neatly equip your car and enhance its aerodynamics.


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