Frames for lights Audi S6 / A6 S-Line C7

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Audi A6 S6 C7 2012-2014
Audi A6 C7 S-Line 2011-2014


Frames for lights

The mounting of the Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 frames for lights is a great way to flesh out the visual side of your vehicle. With their help your car will become even more presentable which will definitely increase your enjoyment form using it, too. The frames for lights proposed by Maxton Design are high-quality accessories in the production of which cutting-edge fiberglass was utilized. It is a material eagerly applied in the automotive industry due to its many practical characteristics.

Why should you choose these frames for lights for Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7?

– they’re highly aesthetic
– they’re made of high-flair material
– they also fit the S6 C7 version from 2021-2015
– they’re lasting and damage-resilient

The frames for lights dedicated to Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 are manufactured from fiberglass. The material is special because of its elasticity, durability, and insusceptibility to high or low temperatures. These features allow it to be so broadly employed in the production of innovative tuning parts and staple vehicle outfitting, as well. This is the exact reason why selecting the elements offered by Maxton Design is a very wise decision that will come with many benefits and will result in your machine having a slick new look.

Installing a pair of advanced frames for lights will be a suitable supplementation for tuning made with a front splitter, and side skirts. We are assured that your Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 equipped in this way will stand out on the road and draw the attention of tuning enthusiasts and random onlookers, alike.


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