Front Bumper Wings (Canards) Audi R8 Mk.2

Код: AU-R8-2-CNC-CAN1A Категория:


fits: Audi R8 Mk2 2015-2018



Mounting kit

Adding some visual tuning elements to your car is a great way to spice its appearance up. It is also an opportunity to boost the aerodynamics, so important for sports cars. Maxton Design is a company specialized in the manufacturing of high-grade reversible tuning components. These are mainly splitters, spoilers, side skirts, and bumpers. The mentioned items are designed and manufactured with the most fastidious customers in mind, who care about functionality and durability, as well as, intricate design of their tuning elements.

The Audi R8 MK.2 front bumper wings are small but very useful additions for increasing traction during driving at high velocities.

How do these front bumper wings for Audi R8 MK.2 stand out?
– they enhance traction
– do not have to be painted
– they?re easy to install
– they?re a unique visual element

The purchase of the Audi R8 MK.2 front bumper wings is a proposition for all who additionally want to increase the traction of their sports car?s wheels. The main function of wings is directing the airflow over the wheels to prevent them from cooling down. When the temperature of the tires is higher they gain much more traction, giving you more stability and comfort of driving. If you are searching for an optical tuning element that fulfills this function, the front bumper wings are a must.


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