Front Splitter Audi A6 S-Line C6 – Textured

Код: AU-A6-C6-SLINE-FD1T Категория:


fits: Audi A6 S-Line C6 2004-2008


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If you own an Audi A6 S-Line C6 and you are searching for high-quality parts for optical tuning, you should definitely take an in-depth look at the Maxton Design offer. This Polish manufacturer has been active on the market for several years now and focuses on the production of inventive spoilers splitters, bumpers, and side skirts. All of these items are made of high-grade materials and stand out with imaginative designs. For the mentioned model we prepared this unique front splitter. We are sure that in the Maxton Design assortment you will find everything you require to outfit your Audi A6 S-Line C6.

Why is the decision to buy the Audi A6 S-Line C6 front splitter a good one?

– it fits models produced 2004-2008
– it’s ABS-made
– it bolsters stability and traction
– adds to the racing character of the vehicle
– requires no painting

This innovative front splitter for Audi A6 S-Line C6 is one of the most popular elements dedicated to this model. With its installation, your machine will gain an interesting racing aesthetic. The visually lower position of the coachwork is characteristic of this look. The splitter makes the air pressure on the front axle higher which results in an upgrade to stability and traction. You will experience this effect mainly at significant speeds. While purchasing this product you are also allowed to pick one of the 3 available surface finishes: gloss, textured, or carbon. This Maxton Design tuning part looks striking as-is and does not need to be painted.

To produce the Audi A6 S-Line C6 front splitter we applied ABS plastic. It sees a vast usage in the automotive industry as the main component of optical tuning elements and primary car outfitting. ABS stands apart with its resistance to moisture and high or low temperatures, flexibility, and durability. By choosing the items offered by Maxton Design you are making sure that you will get to enjoy lasting high-flair tuning of imaginative design.


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