Front Splitter Audi A6 Ultra C7 FL – Textured

Код: AU-A6-C7-U-FD1T Категория:


fits: Audi A6 Ultra C7 Facelift 2014-2017


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To perform some interesting tuning you will certainly need high-grade reversible optical tuning parts. Every element that might come in handy to achieve that can be found in the robust Maxton Design line-up. This Polish producer is known locally and all over the world and focuses on manufacturing inventive side skirts, spoilers, bumpers, and splitters. The components dedicated to Audi A6 Ultra C7 FL are worth your attention especially. For the exact model, we prepared this splashy front splitter.

Why is the purchase of the Audi A6 Ultra C7 FL worth considering?

– it comes in a variety of surface looks
– it’s produced from durable ABS
– it betters aerodynamics
– it’s ready for immediate mounting upon delivery
– requires no additional painting

The installation of this front splitter for Audi A6 Ultra C7 FL is a great idea for a quick and eye-catching transformation of the car?s looks. Thanks to the use of this item your machine will receive a more interesting sports car look. This change stems from the visual lowering of its bodywork caused by the splitter. The component also forces the pressure on the front axle to rise which directly bolsters stability and traction during high-speed driving. The splitter is available in 3 versions of surface finish: gloss, textured, or carbon. No matter which one you decide to go with the effect of your tuning will always be stunning.

The Audi A6 Ultra C7 FL front splitter is ABS-made. The plastic utilized by Maxton Design is TUV certified as an affirmation of its flair. The material’s stand-out features are flexibility, durability, and resistance to moisture and extreme temperatures. Due to these properties, ABS is one of the best materials to be used in the automotive industry for the production of not only visual tuning elements but staple vehicle outfitting, just as well. If you have been looking for high-quality products to be used for tuning purposes you should, no doubt, give the Maxton Design offer a chance. By picking components for your Audi A6 Ultra C7 FL made by this Polish manufacturer you are guaranteed to make a good purchase that results in a showy transformation of your machine and your own satisfaction from high-grade goods.


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