Front Splitter Audi A8 D4 – Textured

Код: AU-A8-D4-FD1T Категория:


fits: Audi A8 D4 2009- 2013


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Do you want to perform visual tuning of your car all by yourself? Are you looking for high-quality parts with unique designs? If so, the Maxton Design selection is aimed right at you. The company has been established several years ago and has secured its position among the leading providers of optical tuning components on Polish and world?s markets, alike. Especially to be installed in Audi A8 D4 this cutting-edge V.1 front splitter was designed. It stands out with its modernized form and quality. Its appearance will surely satisfy all the enthusiasts of aesthetic, high-end tuning.

Why should you consider choosing the Audi A8 D4 V.1 front splitter?

– it’s manufactured from ABS
– improves the visuals of the vehicle
– comes in a varied selection of surface looks
– enhances the aerodynamics of the car

The advanced V.1 front splitter for Audi A8 D4 is a reversible visual tuning element in the production of which ABS plastic was used. An affirmation of its premium quality is the TUV certificate that it has received. ABS is flexible, sturdy, and resistant to moisture and extreme temperatures. Such features make it perfect for the production of visual tuning components and basic vehicle equipment.

The Audi A8 D4 front splitter is a tuning element that visibly improves the aerodynamics of the car. The airflow under the bumper will exert more pressure on the front axle improving stability and traction during high-speed driving. The V.1 front splitter makes the suspension of the vehicle look lower adding to its racing edge. To further individualize your tuning you can choose a surface finish effect. There are carbon, gloss, and textured options available. Additionally you get to choose a white or red decorative stripe for your splitter. Maxton Design is a brand known for innovative and high-flair visual tuning components. Purchasing our goods is a guarantee of a good decision and a good-looking vehicle that drives even more comfortably.


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