Front Splitter Audi Q8 S-line – Textured

Код: AU-Q8-1-SLINE-FD1T+FD1RT Категория:


fits: Audi Q8 S-line 2018


Mounting kit
Mounting manual

If you are on the lookout for truly high-grade visual tuning elements, you will certainly be interested in the selection of the Polish brand, Maxton Design. Our activity is concentrated on the manufacturing aesthetic and strong splitters, bumpers, diffusers, spoilers, and side skirts. Our line-up is also filled with other unique accessories such as wings, frames for lights, and eyebrows. All the mentioned products are made of certified materials, provided by the most renowned European suppliers. With Audi Q8 S-LINE in mind, this unusual front splitter was created. It sports a slick design and does not need to be painted.

Why should you make the choice to buy the Audi Q8 S-LINE front splitter?

– it improves aerodynamics
– has received the TUV certificate
– as a number of surfaces looks
– it’s resistant to moisture
– has UV protection

This front splitter for Audi Q8 S-LINE stands out with its original construction, and will surely constitute a unique addition to the look of the vehicle. It lowers the bodywork optically and brings forth the car?s racing aesthetic. What’s more, the splitter boosts aerodynamic, too. Thanks to it the air going underneath the bumpers will exert more force on the front axle, causing enhanced traction and stability. To go along with your product you can also get a red or white decorative stripe. The splitter has a range of surface structures to choose from, as well. These are carbon, textured, or gloss.

In the manufacturing process of the front splitter for Audi Q8 S-LINE, ABS plastic was employed. The material is widely utilized in the automotive industry due to its many useful features. It is flexible, tough, and resistant to mechanical and chemical damage. ABS is not vulnerable to moisture and does not wear off from extreme temperatures. It works well not only in the production of tuning components, but other elements included in the standard car equipment, just as well. The Maxton Design front splitter is shipped with a mounting kit included. To prove its quality, our ABS has also received the TUV certification.


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