Front Splitter Audi R8 Mk.1 – Textured

Код: AU-R8-1-FD1+FD1RT Категория:


fits: Audi R8 2006 – 2015


Mounting kit (glue, screws)
Mounting manual

If you are planning to perform some innovative visual tuning, you will find anything you might need in the wide range of Maxton Design products. We focus on manufacturing bumpers, spoilers, splitters, and side skirts. All of these components sport modern designs and are made of durable materials. There are countless advantages to choosing Maxton Design products. A large number of our parts constitute the ones dedicated to Audi. Especially the Audi R8 MK.1 elements are attention-worthy, and one of such is the advance 06-15 front splitter.

Why should you decide to buy the Audi R8 MK.1 06-15 front splitter?

– it’s very presentable
– it’s made of advanced and strong materials
– improves the aerodynamics
– doesn’t need to be painted
– has a variety of surface finishes

This 06-15 front splitter for Audi R8 MK.1 is a very showy item, installation of which has many advantages. The splitter is without a doubt an aesthetic component to decorate your vehicle in a unique way. This Maxton Design product is dedicated to even the most demanding customers. Aside from its obvious visual appeal, it enhances aerodynamics significantly, as well. The air flowing under the bumper will press on the rear axle with more force which results in the boost to the stability and traction of your Audi R8 MK.1. You will assuredly notice this while driving very fast. The component comes in 3 striking surface structure options: gloss, carbon, and textured. All of the mentioned are very attractive variants that will help you spice up the visuals of your vehicle.

To manufacture the 06-15 front splitter for Audi R8 MK.1 we utilized ABS plastic a material commonly employed in the automotive industry that is also used to make standard car equipment elements. The ABS used at Maxton Design is of an exceptional grade and supplied by the most renowned European providers. That is one of the reasons why choosing the products of this Polish manufacturer is a wise decision assuring that you get the premium quality components with modernized designs.


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