Front Splitter Audi S5 / A5 S-Line 8T – Gloss black

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Audi A5 S-Line 8T 2007-2011
Audi S5 8T 2007-2011


Mounting kit (glue, screws)
Mounting manual

Maxton Design has been at the leading edge of the world’s optical tuning component market. In our assortment, there are advanced spoilers, side skirts, splitters, and bumpers. With the aid of this imaginative Audi S5/A5 S-Line 8T, you can perform some highly slick tuning all by yourself. Such tuning will result not only in better visuals but also upgraded aerodynamics.

Why is it worth purchasing the Audi S5/A5 S-Line 8T front splitter?

– fits models manufactured 2007-2011
– it’s made of lasting ABS
– improves traction and driving stability
– contributes to the car’s racing character
– comes in a selection of surface finish versions

The aesthetic front splitter for Audi S5/A5 S-Line 8. Will become an exceedingly unique addition to your vehicle. It sports a very imaginative shape, and the high-flair materials used in its production adds to its functionality that shines when driving at high speeds. ABS is a material that is sturdy and resilient to damage. Hence why the tuning elements and car outfitting manufactured from it are characterized by premium quality.

If you want to achieve some showy reversible optical tuning, the installation of an advanced front splitter is a must. In the Maxton Design assortment, there is this interesting model, with the aid of which you will refresh the visuals of your car. The Audi S5/A5 S-Line 8T front splitter comes in carbon, textured, or gloss surface varieties. That lets you pick the type that suits your taste best and underlines the character of your machine in the exact way you want. You can also purchase a white or red decorative stripe to put on your splitter.


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