Front Splitter Audi S6 / A6 S-Line C7 FL

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Audi S6 C7 Facelift Sedan/ Avant 2015- 2017
Audi A6 S-Line C7 Facelift Sedan/ Avant 2014- 2017



If you own an Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 FL and you are looking for a splashy, but also functional front splitter you will find it in the Maxton Design line-up. The brand focuses on the production of cutting-edge side skirts, splitters, bumpers, and spoilers. All of which are made of the best materials provided by respectable European suppliers. With the mentioned model in mind we came up with high-grade optical tuning parts, however, this front splitter deserves even more attention.

How does this Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 FL front splitter stand out?

– it’s fiberglass-made
– it’s covered with a primer layer that requires a paint job
– before applying your paint job make sure the splitter matches the vehicle
– it bolsters aerodynamics
– it has received the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification

In the manufacturing of this front splitter for Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 FL, we utilized fiberglass. The material shows many properties that make it so great not only in the making of optical tuning elements but also in other components of automotive outfitting. The fiberglass employed by Maxton Design is TUV certified which speaks for its flair even further. We ensure that all quality norms and regulations are met. This is also why before shipping all of our products undergo a scrupulous quality check. This way we can eliminate most of the defective items from distribution.

The Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 FL front splitter is an element with both, visual and practical functions. Due to its mounting, the air passing under the bumper causes greater pressure to be exerted on the front axle. The effect of this is improved traction and stability during high-velocity driving. This Maxton Design front splitter sports an inventive form which also makes it a highly stylish element for decorating the front side of your vehicle. Installing this front splitter for Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 FL will be an ideal supplementation for tuning made with side skirts, rear side splitters, and a central rear splitter.


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