Front Splitter Audi S6 C5 – Motel

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fits: Audi S6 C5 1999-2003


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The installation of a front splitter comes with a number of benefits. The element not only improves and freshens the car?s looks, but also notably bolsters its aerodynamics. If you own an Audi S6 C5, in the Maxton Design store you will find this interesting front splitter that is both, durable and stylish. The company has been functioning on the market for a significant number of years and focuses on the manufacturing of reversible optical tuning parts. These are chiefly spoilers, splitters, side skirts, and bumpers. Simply put, everything that you might need to transform the appearance of your machine and enhance its traction to boot.

Why is the purchase of the Audi S6 C5 front splitter worth considering?

– it’s made of ABS
– it’s UV-protected
– requires no painting
– it’s accessible in a range of surface structure varieties

The ABS that we use at Maxton Design is a material of significant durability, damage-resilience, and flexibility. This is precisely why it is so perfect to be used as the main component of tuning elements, and elementary vehicle outfitting, alike. When making the decision to buy Maxton Design products you are guaranteed to receive items of utmost flair that look great and will serve you well for a long time to come. This Polish producer makes a tremendous effort to ensure that each and every item reaches our customers in perfect condition. To be absolutely certain that this is the case we subject our parts to a thorough quality control right before shipping to eliminate all the products that do not meet our high flair standards.

This front splitter for Audi S6 C5 is one of the components that better the vehicle’s aerodynamics in a major way. Due to its mounting, the airflow present under the bumper is forced to exert more pressure on the front axle which in turn leads to traction and stability being improved. This can be clearly noticed during driving at high speeds. To make your machine even slicker you can choose the surface look that you like best. The available effects are carbon, textured, or gloss. All of these options look striking as they are so that you do not even have to paint them additionally.


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