Front Splitter Audi S7 / A7 S-Line C7 FL – Textured

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Audi S7 C7 Facelift 2014-2017
Audi A7 S-Line C7 Facelift 2014-2017


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The Audi S7/A7 S-Line C7 FL is an element installation of which will benefit you in many ways. The aerodynamics of your car will improve and its racing character will be refreshed. If you need high-end components, the Maxton Design offer will surely be to your liking. Among many other things you can find here, there are imaginative spoilers, splitters, bumpers, and side skirts. All of the listed items are made of high-grade materials to ensure that our products sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.

Why is choosing this Audi S7/A7 S-Line C7 FL front splitter worth it?

– it considerably enhances aerodynamics
– it’s manufactured from great-flair ABS
– can be paired with side skirts or rear side splitters
– has a number of surface looks

The Audi S7/A7 S-Line C7 FL front splitter causes a major boost to the aerodynamics of the car. The air flowing under the bumper will cause increased pressure to be exerted on the front axle which, in turn, directly improves stability and traction. It can be felt the most during high-speed driving. What’s more, the splitter is also a highly eye-catching element and its installation will result in the overall improvement of the presentation of your vehicle. It brings forth the racing appearance of the car which will assuredly draw the attention of modern visual tuning fans. To make your tuning even more personalized you can pick from 3 available surface structures for your splitter. They are gloss, textured, or carbon.

The neat Audi S7/A7 S-Line C7 FL front splitter is ABS-made. The materials utilized by Maxton Design are among the best on the market to guarantee that your decision to buy from us is the right one. Our innovative tuning components will let you enjoy the great comfort of driving and presentation.


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