Front Splitter Audi TT 8J – Gloss black

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fits: Audi TT 8J 2006-2013


Mounting kit (glue, screws)
Mounting manual

Maxton Design is a producer of high-grade optical tuning components. In the line-up of this brand, you will come upon unique splitters, spoilers, bumpers, and side skirts. Moreover, we offer smaller elements in the form of eyebrows, air-inlets, wings, and frames for lights. To produce these parts we utilize the best materials available on the market supplied by respectable European providers. The items by this Polish producer fit a variety of car brands one of which is Audi and the model TT 8J and for this one especially this curious standard bumper front splitter is dedicated.

Why should you give a purchase of the Audi TT 8J front splitter a thought?

– it’s ABS-made
– doesn’t require painting
– boosts aerodynamics
– comes ready for use
– sports a range of surface finishes

This front splitter for Audi TT 8J is an element installation of which has many advantages. It will notably alter the appearance of your vehicle contributing to its racing character. The front splitter stands out with its shape and slickly enriches your tuning being the strong aesthetic and functional accent that it is. Due to the mounting of this splitter, you will feel a noticeable enhancement as far as aerodynamics are concerned. The air flowing under the bumper will be caused to exert more pressure on the front axle resulting in a boost to the car?s stability and traction chiefly at the time of high-speed driving. The product comes in carbon, textured, or gloss surface looks to allow you to perform tuning that best underlines the character of your Audi TT 8J.

In the production of the Audi TT 8J front splitter cutting-edge ABS plastic was employed. The material is commonly used in the automotive industry. Reversible optical tuning components and other car equipment elements are made of it. ABS is TUV certified letting you be certain that the Maxton Design items that you are buying are money well-spent.


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