Front Splitter Audi TT 8N – Gloss black

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fits: Audi TT 8N 1998-2006


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The Audi TT 8N standard bumper front splitter is a special product mounting of which will benefit you in many ways. The product proposed by Maxton Design is manufactured from innovative materials and stands out with design and ease of installation. Maxton Design is a brand that has been functioning on the market for many years and has specialized in producing bumpers, spoilers, splitters, and side skirts. Our elements fit several car brands and thanks to our robust selection we are one of the most competitive manufacturers of premium-quality visual tuning parts.

Why should you decide to purchase the standard bumper front splitter for Audi TT 8N?

– it’s UV-secured
– comes in a selection of surface options
– doesn’t need to be painted
– improves car’s aerodynamics
– has been given TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate

The Audi TT 8N standard bumper front splitter is manufactured from advanced ABS plastic. It is resilient to moisture and extreme temperatures, durable, and elastic. These properties make it perfect for the production of optical tuning components and other vehicle elements alike. In the manufacturing processes at Maxton Design, only the best available materials are used and they are sourced from renowned European suppliers. That is exactly why when you decide to purchase from this Polish brand you can be assured that you are getting sturdy and lasting items.

This standard bumper front splitter for Audi TT 8N is a neat element that not only refreshes the looks but also notably boosts the aerodynamics of your car. The Maxton Design front splitter makes the airflow under the bumper press on the front axle with more force which in turn enhances stability and traction. This can be noticed chiefly at high velocities. It is available in 3 different surface finish options. It is accessible in the following variants: carbon, glossy, or textured. This gives you a choice of the structure that suits your needs best.


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