Front Splitter Audi TT S 8J – Textured

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fits: Audi TT S 8J 2008-2013


Mounting kit
Mounting manual

Choosing the right front splitter is not an easy task. It is an element that not only alters the appearance of the vehicle, but also its aerodynamics. This element that you can find in the Maxton Design line of goods is a high-grade product that will attract the attention of all tuning lovers. The company has existed on the market for a significant time and specializes in the manufacturing of advanced spoilers, splitters, bumpers, and side skirts. The front splitter that is especially worth taking interest in is the one dedicated to Audi TT S 8J.

In what way does the Audi TT S 8J front splitter stand out?

– it betters aerodynamics
– displays a modernized design
– has been TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified
– it’s accessible in 3 options of surface structure
– has UV-repelling coating

V.1 front splitter is a functional and slick element of vehicle equipment with numerous advantages to its installation. Its shape is unique and it will certainly make your car even more striking and comfortable. It gives a boost to stability and traction that stems from the increased air pressure on the front axle that the splitter causes. You can feel it mainly during driving at high speeds. To make your tuning wholly personal you get to pick the surface finish for your product and you can choose from carbon, glass, or textured options. This V.1 front splitter for Audi TT S 8J is delivered with instructions and mounting elements aid included.

The ABS is utilized in the production of this front splitter in a cutting-edge material characterized by being insusceptible to damage, durable, and flexible. That is precisely why it is so exceptional for producing both optical tuning components and different kinds of standard automotive equipment. Our ABS is supplied by the best providers and has received the TUV certificate and the elements made of it are TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified. Every single of Maxton Design products goes through a scrupulous quality inspection that aims to eliminate all sub-optimal items. That is why buying from Maxton Design is a guarantee of an exceptionally equipped car that is always comfortable to drive.


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