FRONT SPLITTER V.1 Audi A5 F5 S-Line – Carbon look

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Audi A5 S-Line F5 Coupe/Sportback 2016
Audi S5 F5 Coupe/Sportback 2016


Mounting kit
Mounting manual

If you have been thinking about performing some tuning on your Audi S5/A5 S-Line Coupe/Sportback, the robust Maxton Design line-up is targeted right at you. For use with this model especially we have designed a selection of unique elements, to allow you to quickly and effortlessly overhaul the visuals of your car and notably better its aerodynamics. This Polish producer is one of the leaders on local and world markets and focuses on manufacturing innovative bumpers, splitters, side skirts, and spoilers. This is why when you are deciding to purchase Maxton Design components you can rest assured that you are choosing products of the highest grade, functional, and of very presentable form. We would like to draw your attention to this stylish V.1 splitter.

Why is it worth it to buy this V.1 front splitter for Audi S5/A5 S-Line F5 Coupe/Sportback?

– it shows a unique form
– fits all models manufactured 2016 onward
– there are 3 different sorts of surface finish
– comes with instructions and a mounting kit included
– it’s made of certified ABS

The Audi S5/A5 S-Line F5 Coupe/Sportback V.1 front splitter is a high-end element with the aid of which quick and effective visual tuning can be performed. It has an interesting modernized shape that all the original tuning enthusiasts will find appealing. The splitter causes the airflow under the bumper to exert more pressure on the rear axle, which directly boosts stability and traction during high-speed driving. It also constitutes a highly aesthetic addition to renew the looks of your vehicle. To complement your V.1 front splitter you can also pick up side skirts, a rear splitter, and a spoiler cap.

To create this Audi S5/A5 S-Line F5 Coupe/Sportback V.1 front splitter we used cutting-edge ABS. The material is recognized for its many qualities and sees a broad usage in the automotive industry. ABS? properties include elasticity, durability, and damage resistance. Hence why this material is exceptional in the production of tuning elements, and elementary car equipment, alike.


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