FRONT SPLITTER V.1 Audi RS7 Facelift – Gloss black

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fits: Audi RS7 C7 Facelift 2014-2017


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If you own an Audi RS7 C7 FL and you require the best visual tuning components, you have come to the right place. Maxton Design is known and well-regarded all across the world a manufactured of high-grade tuning parts characterized by durability and advanced designs. There are numerous elements aimed at Audi RS7 C7 FL specifically, but this V.1 front splitter deserves special recognition. It is targeted towards the most fastidious customers, who care about, both, out-of-the-box form and sturdiness and production quality.

Why pick the Audi RS7 C7 FL V.1 front splitter?

– boosts the aerodynamics of the car
– it’s produced from ABS
– it has a UV-repelling layer
– comes in a variety of surface looks

The V.1 front splitter for Audi RS7 C7 FL V.1 is in the group of visual tuning components that have a real influence over the aerodynamics of the car. It makes the air flowing under the bumper exert stronger pressure on the front axle. The result of this is an enhancement of stability and traction chiefly when driving at very high velocities. The splitter exhibits an exceptionally slick design and will be an attention-worthy addition to your Audi RS7 C7 FL. The element is accessible in 3 distinct surface finishes: gloss, textured, or carbon. This gives you an opportunity to choose the option that suits your taste the most. Additionally, you can choose to get a white or red decorative stripe to put o your splitter.

The Audi RS7 C7 FL is produced from cutting-edge ABS which is an extremely popular material for the manufacturing reversible tuning parts, and staple car equipment, alike. Maxton Design products are known for their perfect quality and modernized forms. This is thanks to the high-quality materials which have been grated the TUV certificate as a testament to their flair. That is why you should pick Maxton Design products for your Audi RS7 C7 FL unquestionably. With their help you can perform a visual and function upgrade to your car and improve your own enjoyment from using it, too.


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