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fits: Audi TT mk2 RS 2009-2014


Mounting kit
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Maxton Design is a renowned and esteemed manufacturer of advanced visual tuning components. The company has been stably functioning in the automotive industry for years and has a reputation for producing high-end bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, splitters, and many sorts of smaller gadgets, too. Equipment of a range of different brands can be complemented with our elements and this broad selection places us among the strongest competitors on the world’s tuning parts market. One of the models that Maxton Design offers components for is Audi TT RS 8J. With this vehicle in mind, this modern V.1 front splitter was created.

Why getting the Audi TT RS 8J V.1 front splitter is a good decision?

– it’s made of high-flair materials
– doesn’t have to be painted
– it’s received the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN
– improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle
– it’s UV-protected

The splashy V.1 front splitter for Audi TT RS 8J is ABS-made. Thanks to its flexibility, sturdiness, and damage resistance it is such suitable material for the production of not only optical tuning parts, but other automotive components, as well. To make Maxton Design products only the best materials are utilized all of which are sourced from respectable European providers. If you care to have innovative items that look great and last long, the assortment of this Polish company will surely satisfy your needs.

The Audi TT RS 8J V.1 front splitter exhibits an out-of-the-box design and constitutes a significant visual upgrade that contributes to the racing style of the car. This splitter will allow you to feel a big boost to the aerodynamics of your vehicle. Said improvement is caused by the airflow under the bumper exerting stronger pressure on the front axle which betters stability and traction at high speeds. To further individualize your tuning can have your splitter in 3 different surface finish versions: carbon, gloss or textured.


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