FRONT SPLITTER V.2 Audi A7 Mk1 S-Line – Carbon look

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Audi S7 C7 2012-2014
Audi A7 S-Line C7 2010-2014


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If you want your Audi S7/A7 S-Line C7 to become a vehicle of exceptional aerodynamics and racing style you should apply high-end visual tuning parts. All components you could need to do that can be found in the robust Maxton Design line-up. The company has existed and functioned on the market for several years now and earned its place in the leading edge of optical tuning production. Among our items, there are many dedicated to Audi S7/A7 S-Line C7, such as this V.2 splitter that is certainly worth your attention.

Why is the Audi S7/A7 S-Line C7 front splitter worth it?

– it’s accessible on a number of variable surfaces looks
– bolsters stability and traction
– has a positive effect on the aesthetics
– constitutes a supplement of other tuning elements
– comes fit for installation

The stylish V.2 front splitter for Audi S7/A7 S-Line C7 was designed to meet the highest standards. It is made of durable and elastic ABS plastic, which is a material commonly used in the manufacturing of tuning components and basic car equipment, alike. By choosing this V.2 front splitter you ensure your satisfaction. It is an item of great looks, and many benefits; mainly, increased comfort of driving and enjoyment in addition to the exceptional presentation.

To make sure that your tuning fits your vision 100% we give you a choice of 3 varied surface structures. The available options are: carbon, gloss, textured. It causes the front of the car to be optically lower transforming its character into that of a sports car. You will additionally notice a boost to the aerodynamics of your Audi S7/A7 S-Line C7. The air passing under the bumper will exert more intense pressure on the front axle resulting in bolstered traction and stability. We guarantee that your car will become very recognizable and that you will come back for even more Maxton Design products.


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