Front Splitter V.2 Audi S4 B8 FL – Carbon look

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Audi S4 B8 Facelift 2012-2015
Audi A4 S-Line B8 Facelift 2011-2015


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The Audi S4/A4 S-Line B8 FL V.2 front splitter is a high-flair product that is meant to enhance both, the aesthetics and aerodynamics of the car. The element that can be found in the Maxton Design line of goods combines modernized form, durability, and premium production quality. These are the exact properties of all Maxton Design tuning components. The brand is specialized in the manufacturing of spoilers, side skirts, bumpers, and splitters. They are all made of the best materials available on the market that are sourced from renowned providers only. This V.2 front splitter for Audi S4/A4 S-Line B8 FL is a great choice if you want to equip your car with a unique decoration with additional practical functions.

In what ways does the Audi S4/A4 S-Line B8 FL V.2 front splitter stand out?

– it’s been given the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate
– it’s ABS-made
– has UV protection
– it’s available in several surface look options
– betters aerodynamics

This V.2 front splitter for Audi S4/A4 S-Line B8 FL is a product that contributes to the vehicle’s racing character. Thanks to its installation the front of the car will sport a more inventive presentation and its overall aerodynamics will see an improvement as well. The V.2 front splitter will cause more pressure to be exerted on the front axle which effectively bolsters traction and stability. This can be most notably experienced at high velocities. We also give you a choice of the surface structure for your splitter: textured, gloss, or carbon. Additionally, you can also get a white or red decorative stripe to make your tuning full personalized and to make your car exceptionally presentable and comfortable to use.

To produce this V.2 front splitter we use ABS plastic. The material stands apart with its resistance to damage, sturdiness, and flexibility. If you care about the stylish and functional tuning of great quality the Maxton Design offer will assuredly be to your liking.


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