Front Splitter V.2 Audi S5 / A5 S-Line F5 Coupe / Sportback – Textured

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Audi A5 S-Line F5 Coupe/Sportback 2016
Audi S5 F5 Coupe/Sportback 2016


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Maxton Design is one of the best-known Polish producers of high-end visual tuning parts. In the rich offer of this brand, there are components in the form of splitters, side skirts, spoilers, and bumpers. The elements targeted towards Audi S5/A5 S-Line F5 Coupe/Sportback deserve attention especially. Among these, there is this V.2 front splitter. If you are considering purchasing reversible tuning components you should undoubtedly make yourself familiar with the Maxton Design line-up. We are assured that you will find here the exact items you need, ones that will allow you to perform your tuning all by yourself and improve your car’s visuals and aerodynamics simultaneously.

Why is the purchase of the Audi S5/A5 S-Line F5 Coupe/Sportback V.2 front splitter worth it?

– it’s produced from high-grade ABS
– there are 3 sorts of surface finish to pick from
– it’s delivered ready for installation
– fits all models produced 2016 onward

To perform some neat tuning of your Audi S5/A5 S-Line F5 Coupe/Sportback the V.2 front splitter is a must. These high-grade elements are manufactured from sturdy, and flexible ABS plastic which is very broadly used in the automotive industry. Not only tuning components but also elementary car equipment is made of it. A durable front splitter noticeably affects the aerodynamics of the vehicle. It causes the airflow under the bumper to exert more pressure on the front axle which results in improved traction and driving stability. You fill mainly notice it while driving very fast. If you are thinking about performing some optical tuning, choosing this V.2 front splitter for your Audi S5/A5 S-Line F5 Coupe/Sportback will be a great decision.

Tuning performed with this V.2 front splitter will be a well-suited supplementation for other tuning parts dedicated to Audi S5/A5 S-Line F5 Coupe/Sportback. Among such parts, there are slick side skirts, rear splitters, or tailgate spoilers. Your vehicle, equipped like that, will become exceptionally presentable and you will be able to enjoy comfortable driving in any condition.


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