Front Splitter V.2 Audi S8 D4 FL – Gloss black

Код: AU-S8-D4-FD2G Категория:


fits: Audi S8 D4 Facelift 2015-2017


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Maxton Design is one of the leaders in the world’s market of high-quality reversible visual tuning parts producers. The company has functioned for many years now and is specialized in the production of advanced side skirts, spoilers, splitters, and bumpers. To manufacture these products we use the best materials sourced from renowned suppliers. We, at Maxton Design, dedicate our components to the most fastidious customers who equally value quality and design. One of the more interesting and worth buying elements in this V.2 front splitter for Audi S8 D4.

Why is a purchase of the Audi S8 D4 V.2 front splitter worth considering?

– boosts the aerodynamics of the car
– sports a cutting-edge design
– doesn’t require to be painted
– comes in different surface looks

The modern V.2 front splitter for Audi S8 D4 is a product that stands out with its original shape thanks to which it constitutes an original decoration for your vehicle that brings forth its racing character. Front splitters fall into the group of components that improve aerodynamics in a visible way. While driving at high speeds you will notice enhanced traction and stability due to the airflow under the bumper exerting more pressure on the front axle. If you decide to purchase this V.2 front splitter for Audi S8 D4 you will also get to pick a surface finish for your product from available options: gloss, textured, or carbon. This lets you further personalize the tuning you are performing to spice up your car.

Innovative ABS plastic was employed to manufacture this V.2 front splitter for Audi S8 D4. The ABS used in the Maxton Design factories has received the TUV quality certificate. The material is broadly used in the production of automotive elements such as visual tuning parts and standard car equipment. If your aim is to equip your vehicle with eye-catching and high-end tuning elements the Maxton Design line-up will surely interest you.


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