Код: AU-S8-D3-FD1C Категория:


fits: AUDI S8 D3 2006 – 2010


Mounting kit
Mounting manual

Maxton Design is a producer of high-flair reversible visual tuning components known all around the world. In our assortment, you can find cutting-edge bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, and splitters. By employing these elements you can perform striking optical tuning easily, refreshing the looks and improving the aerodynamics of your car. Among the products that help you do both of these things are front splitters. The splitter that is especially worth your attention is the Audi S8 D3 front splitter that stands out with its modern design, great quality, and functionality.

Why is it worth it to purchase one of the Audi S8 D3 front splitters?

– has the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification
– doesn’t have to be painted
– comes in a variety of surface looks
– enhances aerodynamics
– it’s UV-protected

The ABS used in the production of this front splitter for Audi S8 D3 is characterized by elasticity, damage resistance, and durability. Such features make it exceptional for the production of optical tuning components and standard vehicle parts. This front splitter is a tough product that does not wear off under the influence of moisture or extreme temperatures. If you want to equip your car with the truly highest-quality elements of visual tuning the selection of Maxton Design goods will surely be to your liking.

The Audi S8 D3 front splitter catches the eye with its design and will assuredly be a decoration that adds some modernized racing style to your car. Thanks to this product the aerodynamics of your car will notably improve. The air that flows under the bumper will press on the front axle with more force which in turn boosts stability and traction. This effect is chiefly detectable when driving at high speeds. This component also comes in 3 different surface finishes: gloss, textured, or carbon, letting you perform the exact tuning you want for your Audi S8 D3.


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