Код: AU-RS6-C5-FD1G+CNCA Категория:


fits: AUDI RS6 C5 2002 – 2004



Hybrid structure: gloss black splitter + standard racing splitter

Mounting kit

The decision to get a hybrid front splitter is a great move if you want to equip your vehicle with an optical tuning element that is truly original and stands out on the road. With the owners of the Audi RS6 C5 in mind, this hybrid front splitter was created. Its installation not only visibly alters the visuals of the car but also betters its aerodynamics. In the Maxton Design offer, there are numerous interesting parts. The largest category of the brand’s products is comprised of bumpers, spoilers, splitters, and side skirts. Especially attention-worth is this hybrid front splitter for Audi RS6 C5.

Why is the Audi RS6 C5 hybrid front splitter worth picking?

– it’s made of high-grade materials
– it refreshes the car’s visuals
– it boosts aerodynamics
– it’s got a UV-repelling layer

This hybrid front splitter for Audi RS6 C5 is a product comprised of 2 elements. The first one is a flat valance made of matte ABS (CNC). The second one is an outer valance made of ABS. The top part of this hybrid front splitter comes in 3 different surface looks: gloss, textured, or carbon. This way you can select the option that perfectly underlines the character of your machine. The splitter is a component that by itself significantly bolsters aerodynamics. Due to its mounting, the air flowing under the bumper will exert greater pressure on the front axle and effectively improve traction and stability. This can mainly be experienced at high velocities.

To create the components of this hybrid front splitter for Audi RS6 C5 we employed high-grade materials sourced from the best European suppliers. ABS is a material that is durable and damage-resistant. It works perfectly in the production of optical tuning parts and staple vehicle outfitting elements. Choosing this cutting-edge hybrid splitter is a great idea if you want to equip your Audi RS6 C5 with a highly unique and functional element, that notably betters aerodynamics.


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