Код: AU-RS4-B5-CNC-RS1A Категория:


fits: Audi RS4 B5 1999-2001



Maxton Design is one of the most popular suppliers of high-end visual tuning parts on the world’s market. If you have been searching for modern and durable bumpers, spoilers, splitters, or side skirts you will most certainly be able to find them in the line-up of this Polish company. The brand has been active in the industry for many years and has secured its position as one of the leaders. By choosing Maxton Design tuning you can be sure that the elements you are spending your money on will look appealing and will serve you for a significant period of time. Those of you who own an Audi RS4 B5 will, without a doubt, be interested in this unique rear diffuser. The item is ABS-made and has an interesting construction.

Why should you pick the Audi RS4 B5 rear diffuser?

– it’s made of lasting material
– exhibits a modernized design
– it’s easy to install
– improves the aesthetics of the car
– needs no painting

To manufacture our optical tuning components at Maxton Design we employ the highest-quality materials only. The ABS that this rear diffuser for Audi RS4 B5 is made of is supplied by the best providers. It is flexible, sturdy, and resistant to damage. ABS has a broad range of applications in the automotive industry and serves not only in the production of tuning parts but also in car outfitting. What’s more, the diffuser stands apart with an imaginative design and will definitely constitute a notable decoration. It comes fit for immediate mounting and does not have to be painted.

The Audi RS4 B5 rear diffuser is a highly aesthetic element of reversible visual tuning with the help of which you will alter the character of your car quickly and all by yourself. The considerably more racing-like appearance will certainly be appealing to all enthusiasts of sports cars. The installation of this rear diffuser will complement tuning made with a front splitter, side skirts, or a rear spoiler. Deciding to purchase this rear diffuser for Audi RS4 B5 you can be 100% sure about its quality and design that will go with your vehicle nicely.


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