Rear Diffuser Audi RS6 C5

Код: AU-RS6-C5-CNC-RS1A Категория:


fits: Audi RS6 C5 2002-2004



If you are an Audi RS6 C5 and you want to equip your vehicle with the highest-quality visual tuning parts you should familiarize yourself with the Maxton Design line-up. Here, you will find aesthetic spoilers, splitters, side skirts, and bumpers. Simply put, all that might be needed to stylishly and functionally outfit your car. With Audi RS6 C5 in mind a selection of interesting elements was prepared, however this rear diffuser is even more attention-worthy. It is made of inventive ABS (CNC) and stands apart with characteristic flat shapes.

How does this rear diffuser for Audi RS6 C5 stand out?

– it’s topped with a UV-repelling coating
– it exhibits a unique design
– it’s resistant to damage
– betters visuals
– it’s been given the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification

The Audi RS6 C5 rear diffuser is an element that not only betters vehicle’s looks, but affects its traction, as well. Due to its installation the air flowing under the car exerts higher pressure on the rear axle which in turn bolsters stability during high-velocity driving. The diffuser itself is also a stand-out decoration thanks to its distinct shape. An Audi RS6 C5 outfitted in such a way will become exceptionally presentable a machine with notably boosted aerodynamics. Installing this diffuser is a great way to complement tuning made with rear side splitters and a roof spoiler.

In the manufacturing process of this rear diffuser for Audi RS6 C5 ABS (CNC) was employed. Thanks to its qualities the material is broadly used in the production of optical tuning parts and overall vehicle outfitting. ABS is durable, and damage-resistant. The material applied by Maxton Design is TUV certified which is a confirmation of its flair. If you have been considering getting visual tuning elements for your Audi RS6 C5 pick the best one you can find. Maxton Design products are exactly that. We guarantee that they are going to last you a very long time.


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