Rear Diffuser V.1 Audi RS5 F5 Coupe / Sportback

Код: AU-RS5-2-CNC-RS1A Категория:


fits: Audi RS5 F5 Coupe/Sportback 2017



Mounting kit
The modernized V.1 rear diffuser for Audi RS5 F5 Coupe/Sportback is an exceptionally aesthetic visual tuning element, installation of which is a perfect solution to transform the looks of your vehicle. This product stands out with an out-of-the-box design and it is manufactured from sturdy and damage-resistant materials. In the Maxton Design assortment, you will find many eye-catching bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, and splitters. With the aid of these, you can not only slickly outfit your car but also boost its aerodynamics. If you want to tune parts that are true of the best quality, great aesthetics, and functionality you should take an in-depth look at the Maxton Design line-up.

Why is it worth it to purchase the V.1 rear diffuser for Audi RS5 F5 Coupe/Sportback?

– it’s made of sturdy materials
– comes with a mounting kit included
– alters the character of the car
– shows a modernized design

In the manufacturing processes of the Audi RS5 F5 Coupe/Sportback V.1 rear diffuser, ABS plastic is applied. It sees a wide usage in the automotive industry due to its properties. These include flexibility, sturdiness, and resistance to moisture and extreme temperatures. What’s more, the material used by Maxton Design has been granted the TUV certification that speaks for its premium quality. The V.1 diffuser is a highly aesthetic item that transforms the overall presentation of the vehicle. With its mounting, your Audi RS5 F5 Coupe/Sportback will gain a racing appearance and you will be able to enjoy comfortable driving of your inventively equipped car. The product does not require additional painting and comes fit for immediate installation.

Maxton Design is a known and reputable supplier of high-flair optical tuning parts. Our elements fit a wide variety of vehicle brands and many of their models. If showy design and high product quality are what you care about, then Maxton Design’s offer will assuredly meet your standards.


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