REAR SIDE SPLITTERS Audi A4 B9 S-Line – Gloss black

Код: AU-A4-B9-SLINE-AV-RSD1G Категория:


fits: Audi A4 B9 S-Line Avant 2015



Maxton Design is a producer of advanced and high-quality visual car tuning parts. The company specializes in creating elements that chiefly include side skirts, splitters, bumpers, and spoilers. Among the listed items there are numerous components made with Audi A4 B9 S-Line in mind. Especially attention-worthy are the rear side splitters made of high-grade materials. With their help, you will quickly and effortlessly refresh your vehicle’s appearance which will certainly increase its comfort of use, too.

Why is it worth it to choose the Audi A4 B9 S-Line rear side splitters?

– they come in a selection of surface structures
– they’re a slick supplement for a central rear splitter
– come with instructions and a mounting kit included
– fit all production dates of this model

These rear side splitters for Audi A4 B9 S-Line are parts defined by the great production quality and high-grade material. They are produced from cutting-edge ABS, a plastic commonly used in the manufacturing of tuning elements. It works very well for the staple vehicle outfitting, too. The ABS employed by Maxton Design is TUV certified to prove its flair and safety of use. Installing this splashy splitter set will contribute to the car?s overall visuals by adding to its racing character.

The ABS applied in the production of the A4 B9 S-Line rear side splitters comes in 3 types of surface finish: carbon, textured, or gloss. No matter which one you pick we assure you that it will be a good purchase that will additionally underline the style of your A4 B9 S-Line. To perform tuning that is entirely personal you can also pick a white or red decorative stripe.


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