Rear Side Splitters Audi A5 S-Line 8T FL Sportback – Carbon look

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fits: Audi A5 S-Line 8T Facelift Sportback 2011-2016



Audi A5 S-Line 8T FL Sportback is a vehicle that interesting reversible tuning elements for can be found in the robust Maxton Design line-up. The producer has been focusing on the production of advanced and durable elements in the form of spoilers, side skirts, bumpers, and splitters. Especially for Audi A5 S-Line 8T FL Sportback these unique rear side splitters were conceived. They are ABS-made and one of the best products available on the local and world’s markets.

How do the rear side splitters for Audi A5 S-Line 8T FL Sportback stand out?

– they’re very easy to install
– they’re made of high-quality materials
– they have 3 surface finishes available
– they enhance the looks of the vehicle

The installation of the Audi A5 S-Line 8T FL Sportback rear side splitters improves the visuals of the car considerably. They will transform your vehicle into a slick and well-equipped machine of unique racing character. The splitters will also contribute immensely to the tuning made with side skirts, a front splitter, or a rear spoiler.

The rear side splitters for Audi A5 S-Line 8T FL Sportback are high-flair components made of ABS. The material is characterized by resilience to damage and flexibility that make it extremely well-suited in the manufacturing of tuning parts and basic vehicle outfitting. In our production processes at Maxton Design, we apply materials provided by respectable European suppliers. The ABS used to make these rear side splitters has been rewarded with the TUV certification as proof of their premium quality. If you decide to get a pair of our rear side splitters you will also be able to pick from the 3 available surface structures: gloss, carbon, or textured.


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