Код: AU-A6-C7-SLINE-AV-RSD1T Категория:


fits: AUDI A6 C7 S-LINE AVANT 2011



Audi A6 C7 S-Line Avant is one of the models the components for can be found in the exceptionally rich Maxton Design offer. For installation in this exact vehicle, these interesting rear side splitters were created. They are manufactured from cutting-edge materials and stand out with original design and great quality. Among the reversible optical tuning parts that Maxton Design offers you can additionally find bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, and more.

Why should they purchase the Audi A6 C7 S-Line Avant rear side splitters be considered?

– they’re made of great-flair materials
– they constitute a supplementation for tuning made with side skirts
– they?re moisture resistant
– they?re easy to mount

If you are searching for premium-grade visual tuning components to add to your Audi A6 C7 S-Line Avant, purchasing these rear-side splitters will be a great decision. These Maxton Design elements clearly improve the aesthetics of your car by making it look even more racing-like. To accentuate the style of your machine even further you can pick from the 3 available surface look variants: gloss, carbon, or textured. To make your tuning 100% personal you can also get white or red decorative stripes to go along with your products.

There are several things that speak for the high quality of Maxton Design optical tuning components. Most importantly it is the high-grade materials that these rear side splitters for Audi A6 C7 S-Line Avant are made of which is characterized by flexibility, durability, and insusceptibility to temperature and moisture. It is very often utilized in the production of vehicle equipment parts and tuning. ABS employed in the Maxton Design factories is TUV certified which is a confirmation of its high quality. This is why by deciding to purchase products from this Polish producer you are making the right move. One that will allow you to imaginatively spice up your car and enjoy its presentability even more.


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