Rear Side Splitters Audi A6 S-Line C6 / C6 FL Sedan / Avant – Textured

Код: AU-A6-C6F-SLINE-RSD1T Категория:


Audi A6 S-Line C6 Sedan/Avant 2004-2008
Audi A6 S-Line C6 Facelift Sedan/Avant 2008-2011



If you are an Audi A6 S-Line C6/C6 FL Sedan/Avant owner and you have been looking for interesting tuning parts, you have come to the right store. For mounting in this exact model we prepared a selection of unique elements that will surely grab your attention. The Maxton Design elements are among the best available on the market and they are known locally and all over the world. This Polish manufactured focuses on the making of bumpers, spoilers, side skirts, and splitters. They are all high-end products made of highly advanced and durable materials. We would like to encourage our customers to take a closer look at these rear side splitters dedicated to Audi A6 S-Line C6/C6 FL Sedan/Avant.

Why should you decide to get the Audi A6 S-Line C6/C6 FL Sedan/Avant rear side splitters?

– they sport an imaginative design
– they’re produced from sturdy ABS
– they’re simple to mount
– they require no painting
– they come in a variety of surface looks

These showy rear side splitters for Audi A6 S-Line C6/C6 FL Sedan/Avant are elements that definitely improve the vehicle’s appearance. Their installation will complement tuning performed with a front splitter or side skirts in a slick way and you can mount them all by yourself. The splitters can be purchased in carbon, glass, or textured surface finish options. Each of the proposed types is very attractive and allows you to make highly personalized tuning that accentuates the characters of your car in a neat way.

ABS plastic that is used to make these elements is commonly applied in the automotive industry and it stands out with durability, elasticity, and sturdiness. The materials employed by Maxton Design have got the TUV certificate that speaks volumes for their quality. Not only high-grade optical tuning but also elementary vehicle outfitting are made of ABS. If you choose the Maxton Design products you can be certain that you are making the right decision, and your items will serve you for a long time.


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