Код: AU-A8-D4-RSD1T Категория:


fits: Audi A8 D4 2009- 2013



To perform aesthetic and eye-catching visual tuning you should consider getting some advanced rear side splitters. These parts will spice up the appearance of your vehicle and you will be able to enjoy its new modernized style. All the components you might need to perform such tuning can be found in the Maxton Design selection. This Polish company is among the leading-edge producers in the world a guarantee of the best quality of goods. Especially for Audi A8 D4, these unique rear side splitters were designed.

Why pick the Audi A8 D4 rear side splitters?

– come in a number of surface structure options
– sport a modern form
– they’re characterized by flexibility and toughness
– come read for installation

The installation of the rear side splitters for the Audi A8 D4 is a quick solution to refresh the appearance of your vehicle. They constitute an interesting decoration that complements a front splitter, side skirts, or a spoiler. Thanks to these original splitters your Audi will gain even more features of a sports car. What’s more, you get to choose from 3 unique surface structures: carbon, textured, or gloss. Each of these is exceptionally presentable and gives you a chance to perform some striking tuning and significantly spice up your Audi A8 D4.

The cutting-edge rear side splitters are produced from high-grade ABS plastic. Due to its features, the material is widely used in the automotive industry. It is utilized not only in the production of visual tuning components but basic vehicle equipment, as well. Thanks to our ABS the Maxton Design items stand out with their durability, great quality, and out-of-the-box design.


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