Rear Side Splitters Audi Q2 Mk.1 – Carbon look

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fits: Audi Q2 Mk1 Sport 2016



Maxton Design is a brand known all over the world and offers advanced visual tuning components. Our specialty is the production of flexible splitters, bumpers, side skirts, and spoilers. All of these items are characterized by innovative design and very high flair. If you are into unusual tuning and searching for high-end components, you will, no doubt, find such products in the rich Maxton Design assortment. To equip your Audi Q2 MK1 Sport with interesting tuning parts we recommend that you purchase these rear side splitters.

Why are the Audi Q2 MK1 Sport rear side splitters worth choosing?

– they have an innovative design
– they’re sturdy and damage-resistant
– don’t have to be painted
– come in different surface finishes
– improve the aesthetics of the car

Mounting of these rear side splitters for Audi Q2 MK1 Sport is a quick and easy solution to visibly enhance the looks of your car by giving it a distinct racing look that will surely catch the attention of any optical tuning lover. These splitters are an excellent read decoration, and complement side skirts and front splitters neatly. We are certain that the car fleshed out in such a way will become your trademark and you will drive it with pride.

The rear side splitters for Audi Q2 MK1 Sport are made of ABS. It is a commonly employed material, often for the manufacturing of basic vehicle equipment. ABS is durable, flexible, moisture-resistant, and not vulnerable to extreme temperatures. Due to these features, it is a great material to make automotive accessories out of. The Audi Q2 MK1 Sport rear side splitters are available in 3 showy surface structure options: gloss, carbon, or textured. By picking one of these you can individualize your tuning even further, and this modernized aesthetic will underline the style of your car.


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