REAR SIDE SPLITTERS Audi RS5 Mk1 (8T) Facelift – Carbon look

Код: AU-RS5-1F-RSD1C Категория:


fits: Audi RS5 8T / 8T Facelift 2010-2016



If you are thinking about what tuning components you should choose, we advise picking the best. Such elements are waiting for you in the abundant Maxton Design assortment. The company focuses on the production of innovative spoilers, splitters, side skirts, and bumpers. Among the most often picked items are our rear side splitters. The rear side splitters dedicated to Audi RS5 8T/8T FL are especially attention-worthy. They stand out with their showy design and will surely be to the liking of all the enthusiasts of aesthetic optical tuning parts and slick-looking cars.

Why should you seriously consider purchasing the Audi RS5 8T/8T FL rear side splitters?

– they’re accessible in 3 surface structures
– they’re lasting and resistant to damage
– improve the aesthetics of the vehicle
– they’re UV-protected

The striking rear side splitters for Audi RS5 8T/8T FL are components in the production of which ABS was utilized. The material sees a wide usage in the automotive industry. It serves well not only in the manufacturing of tuning elements but staple car equipment, too. ABS is flexible, sturdy, and resilient to damage. These features make work so well-suited to be used in the production branch of the automotive industry. To decrease the risk of shipping defective products, right before shipping we perform thorough quality control.

The Audi RS5 8T/8T FL rear side splitters are very appealing visually and their installation enhances the visuals of the car immensely. They are available in carbon, gloss, and textured surface look options. The carbon and glass varieties are wrapped in a protective film. If your vehicle is already outfitted with tuning elements such as side skirts or a rear valance, mounting our rear side splitters will constitute a great complement for those.


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