Rear Side Splitters Audi RS6 C6 Avant – Gloss black

Код: AU-RS6-C6-AV-RSD1G Категория:


fits: Audi RS6 C6 Avant 2008- 2010



The Maxton Design tuning products will meet the standards of even the most fastidious customers. The company has an advanced factory at its disposal and there high-end splitters, side skirts, diffusers, bumpers, and spoilers are made. Such elements help you to take care of the aesthetics of the car, as well as, its aerodynamics. The Maxton Design optical tuning components can be installed in a large selection of different car brands. Such an abundant offer makes the producer one of the most competitive on the world’s market. Especially attention-worthy are the Audi RS6 C6 Avant rear side splitters. They are delivered ready for installation and sport a highly aesthetic design.

How do these rear side splitters for Audi RS6 C6 Avant stand out?

– they are UV-secured
– come in a variety of surface looks
– they’re insusceptible to moisture
– they exhibit a unique form
– they’re TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified

To manufacture the Audi RS6 C6 Avant rear side splitters ABS plastic is employed. The material was created mainly for usage in the automotive industry. It is characterized by durability, elasticity, and resistance to damage and harmful effects of atmospheric conditions. ABS is successfully applied in the production of many automotive products including tuning and other elements considered to be stapled vehicle outfitting. These rear side splitters by Maxton Design are topped with a layer protecting them against the negative influence of UV radiation. The components have been rewarded with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN.


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