REAR SIDE SPLITTERS AUDI S4 B6 Avant – Carbon look

Код: AU-S4-B6-RSD1C Категория:


fits: AUDI S4 B6 Avant 2003 – 2005



If you own an Audi S4 B6 Avant and you are wondering what optical tuning parts you should choose, we suggest that you pick the best ones. Luckily, such products can be found in the Maxton Design store. The brand has been active on the market for several years and specializes in the production of innovative splitters, spoilers, side skirts, and bumpers. One of the elements that will neatly underline the racing character of the car is rear side splitters. With Audi S4 B6 Avant in mind, this interesting ABS-made splitter set was created.

Why are these rear side splitters for Audi S4 B6 Avant worth choosing?
– they’re made of high-grade material
– they’re available in different surface structures
– they have been granted the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification
– they’re UV-secured

The Audi S4 B6 Avant rear side splitters are small but unique visual tuning components. With their aid, you will swiftly refresh the appearance of the vehicle by adding to its racing aesthetic. These rear side splitters will compose well with other tuning elements like side skirts or a front splitter. To flesh your tuning out even more you can choose the structured finish you like best from the available options: gloss, textured, or carbon. Additionally, you can get white or red decorative stripes to go along with your splitters. This way you can precisely influence the tuning of your Audi S4 B6 Avant and select the exact products you want for your machine.

The rear side splitters for Audi S4 B6 Avant are made of ABS. The material is TUV certified as an affirmation of its great flair. Maxton Design is a brand known for the production of high-end optical tuning parts. This is due to the usage of only the best materials sourced from renowned European providers. If you are a fan of tuning who values modernized look equally to quality, you are the target of our offer. We are sure that the Maxton Design assortment will have exactly what you need to slickly and functionally equip your car.


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