Rear Side Splitters Audi S6 / A6 S-Line C7 FL

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Audi S6 C7 Facelift Sedan/Avant 2015- 2017
Audi A6 S-Line C7 Facelift Sedan/Avant 2014- 2017



Picking the best optical tuning elements is not an easy task. If you decide to purchase such products you should pay close attention not only to their looks, but also their durability and resistance to different types of damage. The components found in the Maxton Design line-up are exactly that. The company specializes in the production of cutting-edge spoilers, splitters, side skirts, and bumpers. Among these products, there are parts dedicated to Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 FL, as well. With this exact model in mind, this pair of fiberglass-made rear side splitters was created.

Why are the Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 FL rear side splitters worth choosing?

– they’re manufactured from fiberglass
– they’re coated with primer layer paint job required
– make sure the elements match the vehicle before applying for the paint job
– they enhance aerodynamics
– they’re TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified

These rear side splitters for Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 FL are components with a typically visual use. By mounting these splitters you will bring tuning of the front and rear sides of the vehicle together in a coherent way. Choosing these rear side splitters by Maxton Design is a very good decision thanks to which your machine’s visuals will get refreshed and its racing character will be fleshed out. The products stand out with their unique design and will surely constitute an eye-catching enrichment for your Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 FL. Finally, you will have an exceptionally presentable car that you will greatly enjoy.

In the making of the Audi S6/A6 S-Line C7 FL rear side splitters, durable fiberglass was employed. The material is highly sturdy and resistant to the negative influence of atmospheric conditions. Due to these properties, it works so well in the production of optical tuning parts and basic vehicle outfitting, alike. To prevent as many defective elements from reaching our customers, each and every one of them undergoes thorough quality control. This way when you select the Maxton Design tuning you can rest assured that you are paying for high-grade items that will serve you for a long time while looking great all throughout.


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