Код: AU-S8-D3-RSD1T Категория:


fits: Audi A8 W12 D3 2004-2010



Maxton Design is among the known and well-liked in many countries producers of high-end optical tuning parts. The most notable of the Polish brand’s products are spoilers, side skirts, bumpers, and splitters. Using such components you can not only refresh the looks of your car but improve its aerodynamics, as well. In the Maxton Design selection, you can find an abundance of parts dedicated to Audi. Among them are these rear side splitters for Audi S8 W12 D3 made of high-grade materials widely used in the automotive industry.

How do the Audi S8 W12 D3 rear side splitters stand out?

– they’re UV-protected
– sport an innovative design
– improve the appearance of your vehicle
– available in a number of surface finishes
– don’t require painting

The rear side splitters for Audi S8 W12 D3 are sturdy, elastic, and damage-resistant. It is due to the ABS used in their production. It is a TUV certified material of high quality. Maxton Design is a company that employs only the best available materials supplied by renowned European providers. This fact makes purchasing our goods a very good choice thanks to which you will be able to neatly decorate your car and improve your comfort of driving.

These rear side splitters for Audi S8 W12 D3 are aesthetic and made with utmost precision. They catch one’s eye with their curious design. They come in 3 surface versions: gloss, carbon, or textured which lets you personalize your tuning to underline your car’s style in the exact way you want. Additionally, you can pick a white or red decorative stripe for your product.


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