Rear Side Splitters Audi S8 D4 FL – Gloss Black

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fits: Audi S8 D4 Facelift 2015-2017



If you are a satisfied owner of an Audi S8 D4 and you are looking for the best, aesthetic, and durable visual tuning elements you should look into the line-up of Maxton Design. Here you can find many products worth your attention, products that will refresh the presentation of your vehicle and boost its aerodynamics, alike. The biggest group of Maxton Design products consists of splitters, spoilers, side skirts, and bumpers. By employing these components striking tuning can be performed and increased comfort of driving can be ensured. Among such elements are rear side splitters.

Why should you think about purchasing the Audi S8 D4 rear side splitters?

– they complement tuning performed with other parts
– come in different surface looks
– they’re UV-protected
– they don’t need to be painted
– they have TU MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification

The installation of rear-side splitters is a perfect way to spice up the appearance of your car and supplement existing tuning. Using these small components you can add to the racing style o your Audi S8 D4 and make it more modernized. The splitters are easy to mount and come with clear instructions included. You can also have a surface finish of your choice. Available variants being carbon, textured, or gloss. All the options are very good-looking as they are allowing for highly personal tuning fitting your exact needs.

To manufacture the Audi S8 D4 rear side splitters durable ABS plastic was utilized. It is characterized by elasticity, resistance to damage, and sturdiness. These properties make it perfect for the production of optical tuning components and other elements of vehicle equipment, too. Our splitters are TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified to give you the certainty that the products you receive are of the best flair and will last you for a long time.


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