Rear Side Splitters V.2 Audi RS4 Sedan B7 – Carbon look

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fits: Audi RS4 Sedan B7 2006 – 2008



Maxton Design is a respected producer of high-quality car tuning elements. The company focuses its efforts on the manufacturing of advanced and aesthetic splitters, side skirts, bumpers, spoilers, and diffusers. With the use of these products you will upgrade the aerodynamics of your machine entirely on your own, and you will also refresh its initial appearance, too. Maxton Design offers optical tuning components for a broad selection of vehicle brands. Thanks to such a robust line-up the manufacturer is considered as one of the most competitive players on the world?s market. For installation in Audi RS4 Sedan B7 we offer these innovative V.2 rear side splitters. They display a stylish form and are ready for use upon delivery.

Why are the Audi RS4 Sedan B7 V.2 rear side splitters worth picking up?

– they?re moisture-resistant
– they have got the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate
– they need no additional painting
– they come in a range of variable surface looks
– they?re covered with a UV-protective layer

The V.2 rear side splitters for Audi RS4 Sedan B7 stand apart with unique design and great production flair. They constitute extensions for side skirts and paired with these elements will look best. They will underline the racing character of the vehicle and will bring its visual qualities forth. The splitters are available in gloss, textured, and carbon surface finishes. What?s more, you can get red or white decorative stripes to go along with you product.

To create these V.2 rear side splitters for Audi RS4 Sedan B7 we applied cutting-edge ABS plastic. The material was created to be used primarily in the automotive industry. It stands out with its sturdiness, flexibility, and resistance to mechanical and chemical damage. ABS does not succumb to the harmful influence of moisture or extreme temperatures. This is precisely why it is so well-suited for the manufacturing of both, tuning parts and many other essential vehicle equipment items. The Maxton Design rear side splitters have been granted the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification and they also have a UV-repelling coating to make them last even longer.


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