Код: AU-RS4-B5-RSD1T Категория:


fits: Audi RS4 B5 1999-2001



The Audi RS4 B5 rear splitter is an optical tuning element that is not only aesthetic but lasting, as well. If you want to strikingly alter the looks of your car it will serve you well. This splitter sports a modernized design and is made of high-grade materials. Picking this component will result in a visual refreshment for the vehicle which will undoubtedly increase the comfort of its use, too. This product comes from the assortment of the Maxton Design brand and stands apart with its unique shape and insusceptibility to extreme temperatures and moisture.

Why should you consider purchasing this Audi RS4 B5 rear splitter?

– it’s accessible in a variety of surface structures
– it allows for highly personalized tuning
– it doesn’t require painting
– it constitutes a visual enhancement
– it’s manufactured from advanced materials

Sturdiness, flexibility, and damage resistance are the stand-out features of the items found in the Maxton Design line of goods. They are directly connected to the properties of ABS ? the material that is used in the production of these reversible visual tuning components. It has received the TUV certificate that confirms its high flair. This is why the Audi RS4 B5 rear splitter is so durable and will last you for a significant period of time. If your machine is already equipped with a front splitter, or perhaps side skirts, you should seriously consider adding a showy rear splitter, as well.

This inventive rear splitter for Audi RS4 B5 is an element responsible for adding to the car?s racing character. It will improve the look of the rear side of the vehicle is a great way. This will certainly increase the comfort of use of your Audi RS4 B5, too. To make your tuning entirely according to your needs and preferences you can choose your favorite surface finish from among the available options which are: textured, gloss, or carbon. Additionally, you can also purchase a white or red decorative stripe for your item.


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