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fits: Audi A4 B6 saloon version 2000 – 2004



Manufacturing advanced optical tuning parts is Maxton Design’s specialty. This Polish supplier has been providing high-end bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, and splitters for years now. In the brand’s line-up, you will find everything you might need to make some showy tuning happen. We would like to encourage you to familiarize yourself with the tuning we offer for Audi A4 B6 RS4 Look. One of such is this modernized rear spoiler.

Why should you purchase this rear spoiler for Audi A4 B6 RS4 Look?

– fits models manufactured 2000-2004
– it’s made of materials resistant to moisture and temperature
– enhances the car aesthetically

What sets the Audi A4 B6 RS4 Look rear spoiler apart is its sturdiness and resistance to extreme temperatures. This is due to the properties of fiberglass the materials utilized in the production of this item. The fiberglass employed by Maxton Design has been given the TUV certificate that confirms its high quality. Thanks to these features it is to see such common usage in the automotive industry. Not only tuning but other vehicle equipment is made of it, too.

The inventive rear spoiler for Audi A4 B6 RS4 Look is an element that notably enhances the appearance of the vehicle while simultaneously bolstering its aerodynamics to a significant degree. The airflow around the bodywork causes more pressure to be exerted on the rear axle which effectively improves stability and traction during high-speed driving. This rear spoiler has a simple, but unique design the presentation of which will undoubtedly contribute to the overall aesthetic of the machine. Maxton Design is a company that also offers custom optical tuning.


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