Rear Spoiler Audi A4 B8 / B8 FL Avant

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fits: AUDI A4 B8 / B8 FL AVANT 2008-2015



Maxton Design is a producer of cutting-edge high-end optical car tuning. The company focuses on the manufacturing of elements like side skirts, splitters, bumpers, and spoilers. Among these components, there are numerous items dedicated for installation in Audi A4 B8/B8 FL Avant. One of the items that we encourage you to take interest in is this inventive rear spoiler which is easy to install and greatly improves the visuals of your vehicle.

Why should you buy this rear spoiler for Audi A4 B8/B8 FL Avant?

– it boosts the aerodynamics of the vehicle
– it constitutes a visual upgrade
– it’s resilient to temperature and moisture

The main stand-out characteristics of the Audi A4 B8/B8 FL Avant rear spoiler are resistance to extreme temperatures and durability. They are a result of the qualities of the fiberglass used in the manufacturing of this product. The fiberglass that is in use at Maxton Design is TUV certified to guarantee its high flair. All of these useful properties make it a material of exceptionally broad use in the automotive industry. All sorts of car outfitting and tuning parts are made of this versatile material.

If you want to visibly transform the looks of your Audi A4 B8/B8 FL Avant this rear spoiler will aid you in doing just that. It improves visuals and upgrades aerodynamics at the very same time. The pressure exerted on the rear axle by the air flowing around the coachwork will be increased due to the installation of this component. High-velocity driving stability and traction will be bolstered due to this effect. The spoiler’s form is simplistic, but not uninteresting and it will certainly be a stand-out addition to your car.


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