Rear Spoiler Audi TT 8N < R8 Look >

Код: AU-TT-1-R8-H1F Категория:


fits: Audi TT 1998-2006



Maxton Design is one of the world’s leading-edge optical tuning component suppliers. The main products are spoilers, splitters, side skirts, and bumpers. All of the listed products are made of innovative materials supplied by respected European providers. One of the more interesting models is Audi TT and Maxton Design luckily offers tuning parts for this exact model. Especially to this vehicle, we have dedicated many products that stand out with high quality and modernized constructions. This rear spoiler deserves special attention as it gives you many benefits and increases the comfort of using your car.

Why should you choose the Audi TT 8N R8 Look rear spoiler?

– boosts aerodynamics
– it’s made of high-grade materials
– has an aesthetic form
– it has been given the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate

The slick rear spoiler for Audi TT 8N R8 Look is an item of stand-out modernized design. The element will contribute to the racing style of your vehicle which all the original tuning lovers will assuredly appreciate. Due to the employment of the spoiler, the airflow around the coachwork of the car will exert more pressure on the rear axle effectively improving traction at high speeds. The item will also look great paired with other tuning elements for Audi TT 8N R8 Look.

The Audi TT 8N R8 Look rear spoiler falls into the category of products made of fiberglass ? a material commonly utilized in the automotive industry. It serves in the production of optical tuning elements and standard car equipment. Our fiberglass is TUV certified and the items produced from it have been granted the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification.

In the Maxton Design assortment, there are tuning parts fit for a wide range of vehicle brands and it is this variety that we offer that makes us one of the most competitive brands in our industry.


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