Rear Spoiler Audi TT 8N

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fit: Audi TT 8N 1998-2006



If you are about to purchase some showy and lasting optical tuning components, the Maxton Design assortment will surely please you. In it, you can find numerous visual tuning parts, that fit several vehicle brands. The main products are bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, and splitters. The item that you should take a look at especially is the Audi TT 8N rear spoiler. The element is made of fiberglass and is defined by its unique design. Thanks to such spoiler you your car will gain a racing appearance and you will gain pleasure and comfort of driving.

Why should you consider this rear spoiler for Audi TT 8N?

– fits all versions of the model
– it’s made of innovative materials
– enhances aerodynamics
– has a unique shape

The modern Audi TT 8N rear spoiler was manufactured from fiberglass durable, flexible, and insusceptible to damage a material. These properties make it well-suited to be employed in the production of optical tuning parts, in addition to basic vehicle equipment components. The fiberglass used by Maxton Design has been granted the TUV certificate which speaks for its premium quality. That is precisely why picking Maxton Design products is a very good move. You will be able to equip your car with cutting-edge components for increased pleasure and comfort of driving.

This Audi TT 8N is the optical tuning element to overhaul the presentation of your car. It is an exceptional element that will fit neatly with already performed tuning. The spoiler also extends a significant influence over the aerodynamics of the vehicle. It causes the air flowing under the bodywork to press on the rear axle with more force increasing traction notably. The product draws looks with it curious form and will surely be a great addition to your Audi TT 8N.


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